The 100K Girl

Some of you may remember that back in February I set up a profile. Today I walked home from work to bathe and long and behold there is this girl walking her weimraner.

It was probably the wierdest feeling because she might feel embarrassed that her profile is on I wanted to assure her that I wouldn’t solicit a date from her after all I don’t meet any of her requirements, taller than 5’10”, white and makes over $100K. But I said goodbye to her dog (not even her) and left it at that.

The truth is like my friend at the gym says…..women may say looks and money $$$ don’t matter but they’re lying. When it comes down to it, looks do matter and so does how deep your pocketbook is.


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  1. Grover Mannings

    Dick, it’s good that you setup a account. That’s a step in the right direction.

    Still, though, you seem to harbor thoughts that the world is very harsh and lopsided.

    Walk through a mall on Saturday afternoon. No doubt, you’ll find all sorts of people: single adults, married adults, married adults with children, teenagers hanging out, and young couples. Take note of how attractive you would rate the married adults and the married adults with children. Are all the families in the mall blond hair, blue eyed knockouts? Do husband and wife resemble models that belong on a runway, not in line for a cheeseburger at McDonald’s?

    My guess is NO. You constantly put up roadblocks in the way of finding a good partner. You discount yourself because you’re Chinese and short in stature.

    So, by your view of the world, anyone Chinese and short doesn’t procreate or get laid. Fortunately for you, this IS NOT true.

    The official World Bank population of China in 2009 was 1,331,460,000. Wow, that’s a lot of Asian and short people getting together, and the Chinese population continues to grow.

    Similarly, the Latino population in the USA is the fastest growing ethnic group or “race” [not really a PC term anymore]. Does every Latino couple look like Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz, with darling children that should start work as baby models? NO.

    The reason money matters to women is partly based on instinct. The caveman with the most food and resources represents a stable living. This means the needs of she and her children will be met. This programming is biological and borne out in many studies.

    Despite this hard wiring, many women still marry for love. Don’t forget, today’s woman is much different than one a hundred years ago. In many cases, career oriented women don’t need a man at all: they possess the means to support themselves and a family already.

    Give yourself a break. That girl with the dog would be a shitty wife. If her husband should ever falter, perhaps losing the mansion, luxury car, or high lifestyle, my bet is she walks and finds the next rich guy.

    Yes, some women do want money, but for all the wrong reasons. You definitely have great odds of meeting and even marrying a wonderful person who is attractive, considerate, and a good friend; the necessary ingredients for any successful relationship.

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