The Day After Hurricane Irene

This person is strictly religious but the way he treats his wife disgusts me…he treats his wife is like a maid. Everytime Isn’t it ironic that the craziest people are always the religious fanatics. Throughout history the Crusades, the Catholic church and even modern day Islamic radicalists and Israelis.

He has this convoluted view that he’s long term unemployed….

His wife drinks Which is why his wife’s a drunk. So my mother brought a microwave, and a DVD player which of course my brother gave away to this guy..

So my brother’s solution is to throw everything belonging to my mother and I into the second bedroom. My mother claims he’s getting this from my neighbor.

I think the solution for this is that my brother and I need to move out. But knowing my brother he won’t because the living situation allows him to finish graduate school while unemployment benefits pay for it and he minimizes

Well don’t worry on Wednesday my application goes before the board. And all this week I’m going to getting shit from my mother about how I wrongly made her evacuate her apartment…


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