My 24 Hours In a Hurricane Evacuation Shelter Part #1

MY pet peeve is when they issue an evacuation order….it isn’t up to me to dispute it. For several reasons:

1. I should do a better job of following simple orders (because I’ll do that alot in my first few months if I ever become a police or military officer
2. The hurricane evacuation zones are determined by GIS specialists at Office of Emergency Management (a job I applied for and was not qualified to be interviewed for) so if they determine I should evacuate I’ll evacuate.

3. They are wasting resources and energy to encourage able bodied men such as my brother and I to evacuate and if we just listened their energy could be better spent on other things such as elderly and disabled people who should evacuate.
4. If this turns out to be worse….my able bodied person would be better off used at a shelter as manual labor than sitting at home trying to help myself.

But of course arguing with my stubborn brother is a no-win. So today I decided to just go to the hurricane evacuation shelter, not only for the reasons above but because this actually might be an eye-opening experience. (and a chance to meet an awesome girl who is from a state like North Carolina and didn’t have anyplace she could go.) So I packed a change of clothes and some toiletries and my dog Omega and went to the C-town supermarket there were empty school buses waiting to take people to the hurricane evacuation center. My mother though is carrying a purse, roll-on luggage container and a briefcase with her $6000 life savings in a body wallet along with pure gold necklaces.

My brother though is staying along with the neighbor downstairs, whom somehow convinced his wife and his daughter /boyfriend to stay and then taped up his windows to reinforce them. My friend Felton, told me that there are six Department of Correction trucks downtown…just sitting there..those are probably the ones to take the Battery Park evacuation people but none of them moved. It always intrigues me how when there are emergency times those who are in the shelter are black, hispanic and asian, mostly older and children….but rarely if ever white people.

My first impression is that these guys are REALLY prepared for the worst case scenario. Which made me think back to my favorite disaster video is the Kayne West “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

But this time it seems like Mayor Bloomberg does. When we got to this shelter there were brand new cots, blankets, MREs (meals ready to eat), grooming kits for men/women, cartons of five year shelf life emergency water, volunteer city employees, entire squads of armed police officers and school public safety officers sitting at every entrance, hallway and scattered throughout.

In typical Dickwatch fashion the first thing my mother wants to do when she gets there is eat. When she found out we were eating MREs she wants to know if she can order Domino’s pizza. The MREs taste just like canned food but are high sodium, fat, calories and nutrient so you only have to eat one. Then afterwards I had enough energy to move cots up and down two flights of stairs, unload fans off a truck.


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