Dick Goes To the Gay Club

The title of the post sounds reminds me of the Curious George titles (with an adult twist of course). Recently I have not been going out because Felton has been hanging out with his girlfriend. However tonight my gay friend wanted to go out.

The first place we went to was Boxers NYC, a gay sports bar on West 20th Street. I always have a knacker for good looking white men in boxers (after all growing up in college I wanted to work at Abercrombie and Fitch), especially where there are good looking men there are always good looking women. Instead after five minutes my gay friend complained that this was too fratty and collegy for him and decided to take a cab with me to the Eagle NYC.

I usually don’t get scared easily, but picture me in squeaky voice saying “I was sooooo scared…..” The Eagle is a dark, dreary, two gargantuan floor establishment on Manhattan’s west side.  It is packed just like any typical New York City club except the people rubbing up against you are all men. There were men of all races, ages, shapes, and sizes. Most of the men you see in everyday life and wouldn’t think they’re gay. They don’t have the stereotypical walk and talk most of us associate with homosexual men. Some are burly, alpha males..but most noticeable is that there are some men walking around shirtless and occasionally some in nothing but leather with their junk hanging out. Let’s not forget the guy in the corner whose giving someone else a blowjob.

I know sometimes I say I wish I was gay….but I should be careful what I wish for. With guys the difference in height and weight stature of the smallest and biggest guys is so wide that I couldn’t possibly see myself in control, especially with some of these guys who are well above six feet and 250 pounds. As a guy whose only 5’6, 140 pounds I would probably be on the receiving end of you know what.


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