An Invitation To Live With Madie

On July 29th Madie emailed me to tell me that her third bedroom will be available beginning August 15th. And tonight I thought would be good to go see it. I don’t know whether I am ready to move out because the best part about living at home within walking distance to work is that when I leave work at around 8pm or 9pm I can come home and sit on the little stool in the kitchen. Madie is moving to Bushwick. And when I went there tonight the room is sort of small….no windows, ghetto neighborhood. But $800 is a good deal for Bushwick. The only problems are I don’t think moving out will solve my other serious pyschological issues. The problem is I neither want to be at my job or living in New York. Madie says that having a job is perfect because it is time to be looking for a new job. Something doesn’t sit well with me about looking for work while at work. Any looking for work I believe should be done after work hours.

The other problem is if I left then my rent would still remain the same, and there is no way my mother or brother would be okay with footing the $1000 for the two bedroom. My mother would go ape shit (as if she doesn’t go ape shit already since my rent doubled in the last five years)because the public housing policy is that if I left the nest I would have to furnish a legitimate lease elsewhere to have my income not counted in rent determination. This is to prevent people from underreporting income and having unauthorized residents living there.  For this reason I asked Madie if her roommate would be able to add me onto the lease. However if I was on a lease….I don’t think my rent would go down, because it’s 30% of household income or ceiling rent whichever is lower. When my brother and I were working our combined income was over six figures (53K + 50K) and we paid ceiling rent. In order for the rent to go below $1000 a month, both my brother and I would have to leave. Or I would have to sign a legitimate lease and my brother would remain unemployed.

So I compromised with Madie that since it was unlikely they would find anyone by August 15th that her roommate and her would split the $400. However if I wanted to move in September then I would have to put down the $800 pretty close to the beginning of the month.

As I walked down the street back to the subway station…I thought about it…the neighborhood was not too bad….the question is how would my mother and brother deal with it.


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  1. Grover Mannings

    It’s a tough call. On one hand, you have the opportunity to live under your own roof independently of your family. To borrow an oft used phrase on this blog, something tells me that you wouldn’t be able to “slide it in” with a girl at home with your brother and mother in the next bedroom. On the other, it seems you still have an obligation to help your brother and mother with rent. Sharing the lease with other tenant is a good compromise. Ultimately, you’ll probably have to send money to your family “under the table” to support them.

    Family comes first above all else: that’s something almost every culture regardless of race, creed, or ethnicity holds dear. Your mother has made many sacrifices for you over the years, long before you ever had the means to reciprocate. Now that you do have a positive flow of income, I think it is best to support her until your brother is officially employed again and can also contribute.

    One of the interesting things about watching one’s parents grow older is their slow retrogression into a state of complete dependence on others. The responsibility to care for them falls on sons, daughters, and other loved ones. In reality, it’s not an unreasonable request. It just takes some getting used to and realizing that you’re no longer in your teens or early twenties when you could pretty much do what you wanted with little or no financial responsibilities.


    Grover Mannings

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