Dick’s Mother is On Food Stamps

I woke up this morning unable to walk on my right foot. The bone where my ankle meets my heel hurts when I step on it. This is probably due to the fact that Thursday night softball I was sprinting after balls in center field and Friday I sprinted running. So I cancelled my lunch date with a guy friend of mine.

In the afternoon my mother wanted to go to Pathmark the local full service supermarket. This is always a bad idea especially if she takes a shopping cart and asks me to come along. A major complaint from my brother and I is that the refrigerator is always packed to the max. Her retort is that my brother and I should less meals eating out and more eating at home.

Sometimes the food won’t absolutely be inedible, but there is a smell of it about to spoil. She used to complain that the public housing authority fridges weren’t cold enough. And I even researched online how cold were fridges optimally supposed to be and inserted a thermometer into my fridge. I concluded that our fridges to be at just the border line acceptable temperature. This year the entire development received new fridges but the limited shelf life of my food is still the same. This means there is too much food in the fridge bringing the temperature of the fridge down itself.

But the most major problem is the amount of groceries in the fridge. And when it reaches capacity my mother will make an announcement that the fridge is full and we need to stop buying groceries. This happens almost on a weekly basis which is the whole reason why I stopped buying what I like to eat altogether. it used to be a bit more difficult when i was unemployed because I would buy groceries and make meals at home to save money. But it should be relatively easy now since I am working at a full time job now. (even if it is a job in finance that pays less than a job in finance) For breakfast I usually get a muffin, danish from a breakfast cart. And I usually buy my lunch outside.

But this is also the reason why this summer I have not thrown a BBQ. The fridge simply can not accomodate prepared food for that many people. Then my mother and I will argue about how I should just drop a couple of hundred dollars and take my friends to a nice restaurant to save myself the trouble.

Tonight we were at Pathmark and my mother will want to buy almost everything. Most of which are items which are not good for anyone’s diet, especially since my brother and mother’s cholesterol topped 230 and over 300 respectively. Such items include frozen dinners (which have high sodium) or cakes (high cholesterol.) So I’ll try to talk my mother out of buying it but of course she’ll say I’m just like dad keeping her from having the freedom to buy anything she wants. My neighbor downstairs says that my mother feels the need to buy that much food because she lived in a time where food was scarce and they never knew where their next meal for going to come.

Also the fact that she gets $150 a month in food stamps doesn’t help either. Many of my readers are wondering why my mother needs to be on food stamps? And I offer these two main reasons 1. because she claims that food prices have increased and her $247 pension and $750 Social Security check can not keep up with the rising cost of food.
2.) I don’t give her enough money she needs to be on food stamps.

I only pose this one question: For god’s sake your son works in finance and you need to be on food stamps? P.S. We still have two dozen eggs from my fridge…down from the four dozen eggs.

Hopefully Afghanistan will be better than this.


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