Breaking News: Summer Season Finale in Four Weeks

In the last week of August, what Dick has been waiting three years for. At this board I will be two years over the age for officers. The only designator I will be considered for is naval aviator which I will be four years over the age limit.

And here is the letter you’ve been waiting for.

Will Dick get an age waiver for the military in the highest unemployment rate? According to CNN the answer

Will Dick make it to his 31st year of his virginity? (somehow I think the answer to this is obvious)

And as my readers love it when I say:
Get ready for the summer season finale of



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2 responses to “Breaking News: Summer Season Finale in Four Weeks

  1. Grover Mannings

    Joining the Navy won’t get you laid.

    Instead, bring your soap on a rope and plenty of Vaseline: you’ll need it 🙂

    • Haha…I’m on the floor laughing at this one. I won’t need soap on a rope. I’ll ask my fellow soldiers if I can borrow theirs. I’ll also be the one thwarting those who would attempt what we are both thinking.

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