I Want Your Sperm

I rarely classify an entry as CRAZY. But if there is; this is one. One of the cast members, Shonna Berchielli called me the other day and said her friend is interested in me as a sperm donor.

My first thought was: Is this woman serious? And if so has this person met me before? The person has met me before and thinks I’m good looking and  not to mention my friend said he’s very intelligent, scored very high on standardized tests, his father’s side of the family is reasonably tall, and according to me, my father had a huge penis.

This is not the first time. One of my other cast members said that after reading my journal. She would be the surrogate to my child. When asked where she would get the egg, she actually offered to donate it. If I were to walk into a sperm bank of course, I don’t think they would accept me as an applicant. After all, aren’t they are looking for tall, good looking white men.
While I am flattered that people would actually consider me a viable donor to have their children. I am little taken back because what happens with this child if the mother decides not to care for this child. I mean I could sign a waiver of no rights but then that would be cruel. Now what if this child ends up being rich and famous, like Justin Beiber. I know that is also selfish of me that I’d get any royalties.
The good part about all this is this might be better that putting my semen in the toilet every night. Does anyone else think this is crazy? I think so….but I’m just giving everyone the facts. It’s up to you to address the issues at hand.


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One response to “I Want Your Sperm

  1. Grover Mannings

    It’s definitely crazy. Why doesn’t she want to make kids the old fashioned way? Also, sperm banks don’t always exclude Asian men because of their stature or appearance. Asians are considered dutiful, intelligent, and have a high aptitude for mathematics and science. Given that the USA is lacking in all those qualities, my guess is any Asian sperm from an otherwise healthy donor is in demand.

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