A Drink With Felton’s Girlfriend And Why I Can’t Get Girls

I’d like to dedicate this entry to Felton’s girlfriend, Janella Tirabassi. Interestingly enough all throughout our trip to North Carolina and even now Felton is starstruck.

Tonight one of Felton’s friends from his hometown high school, and Felton’s girlfriend and I went to the Crocodile Lounge where you get free pizza with every beer purchase. Felton and his friend caught up on old times and Janella Tirabassi and I had a long conversation.

People always ask why I’m not dating. I will summarize our conversation tonight because I believe it sheds light on why I tell people I am completelu undateable.

I believe that for women height and race matter the most. (an online study which asked men and women does race matter in who you date, 75% of women said it mattered while only 50% of men said the same) Once someone gets past that only then do the other things matter. For someone whose Asian and short I usually don’t get past the height and race requirement. And like Shonna said, you’re the only race I know where the women of your own race won’t even date you. Even a prestigious Ivy League institution picked up on this with this article:

Women always tend to be defensive because they don’t want to seem racist. But I asked Janella about a mutual friend whose black and what her opinion of him was. She said “I find him beautiful inside and out.” But then I said…”You didn’t answer my question.” And she said she would never date him. She said she likes tall European men and never thought she would date someone non-Jewish. But would probably never forego the tall, Caucasian thing. Asking her these questions brings the perspective that never really crossed women’s minds until they actually think about it. Race and height actually do matter and matter the most.

I likened my situation to the one where I used to work at a gym and the personal trainer who was big and black used to say: “you’re not black so you won’t realize when I say since I am black I get pulled over driving all the time.” I remember when we used to play softball and when he gets up to bat…the entire outfield plays deep. But when I come up to bat, all the outfielders move into the infield. However the best one is why I always insist on not taking a plastic bag almost anywhere I shop. Not only is it environmental but every f**king place I go the gatekeeper (security guard or receptionist) always thinks I’m the Chinese food delivery boy who is bringing them the lunch special #14 moo goo gai pan.

I think what hurts me the most is many times I won’t even try to talk to someone because I automatically assume they’re not interested. And there is some truth to that. Most women I’m into…aren’t into me. The ones who are either fall into two categories. 1) women of no substance who just want someone to spend $$$ on them 2) women who only like Asian guys

It is interesting to note Janella is also a certified therapist and doesn’t think I’m crazy.The women of Dick could take a hint from this girl, and that means all of you.

In lieu of saying such as:
“I’m getting my drink on.”, “I’m horny.”, “Want to sunbathe with me?”, “I want bubble tea, go to an expensive restaurant, or you should take me out”


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One response to “A Drink With Felton’s Girlfriend And Why I Can’t Get Girls

  1. Grover Mannings

    “….I think what hurts me the most is many times I won’t even try to talk to someone because I automatically assume they’re not interested…..”

    You summed up your problem in one line. Throw your hat in the ring. If you get rejected, you won’t be worse off than you are now; and trying is the only way you’re going to get a date.

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