She’s Like a Bicycle Everybody Gets A Ride

There is an old guy’s joke that goes something like “That girl is like a bicycle…every guy gets a ride.” Of course I know after reading this entry if you are one of the aforementioned girls you will be very angry.

Last night I stayed late at my workplace and called CODY Therriault. Cody was drinking downtown at one of those old Irish pubs, the White Horse Tavern with his coworkers from work. When I arrived in the usual fashion in the downtown area there are alot of men. However there was this one girl who was reasonably attractive. This Caucasian girl didn’t say much to me throughout the ten minutes she was there. She just looked at me, smiled and said nothing.

Cody went out to take a telephone call from his girlfriend and I joined him (because there was actually no one else in the bar to talk to). One of Cody’s coworker’s left this bar with this girl. What is interesting to note is that this girl keep looking down the street and Cody and I. And while Cody was on the phone listening to his girlfriend he kept asking me what she was looking at. I’d like to think me, however she could be asking what was going through Cody and my heads.

When Cody and I returned to the bar through conversation with his other coworkers Cody realized that the same guy who took this girl home had actually also hooked up with a coworker that he was also banging.

It’s interesting to note, girls don’t kiss and tell. But guys certainly do.  Even if two guys aren’t close friends they may have friends of friends.
For example a few years ago one night after one of those BBQs in 2008 one of my coworkers confided in me he was banging a coworker of mine. Frankly I didn’t give a s**t but it’s amazing what comes out of people’s mouths when drunk. Later that year another coworker of mine also banged her. I was probably the only person who knew this for a long time. These two aren’t close friends however a few years later when the first coworker was moving out to another state he tells the second one he banged her. The second coworker came back to me and asked me how long I had known and I honestly said I had known about it pretty much when it was happening.

So tonight I saw this girl. After she left they talked about how the guy she went home with told

What do guys think?Well we either think you either very easy (and will want to sleep with you) or very dirrty (and not want to sleep with you) Either way that is not good for any girl’s reputation. I know most women who will read this will once again say I am a complete douchebag for bringing this up. I only bring this up as something not to do. I don’t know why women do this, perhaps they’re horny, perhaps they really like the guy and think by putting out she’ll like him. This entry isn’t about finding out the reasons why women do this. (perhaps a woman reading this will offer some input) In any case this only serves as an entry to tell these girls what NOT to do.


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