A Male Model

My rating scale goes from 1 to 10, where 1 is grotesquely unattractive and 10 is Victoria’s Secret material. It is based on a standard bell curve where most people will cluster around the mean value of 5 and 68.2% will fall in one standard deviation. I believe I fall somewhere between an 8.0-8.5 which is between the first and second standard deviation. My friends who know me know I don’t have a problem admitting another guy is good looking. And one of my friend’s roommates is what I call a perfect 10.

If being tall is your criteria he’s about six feet tall. If dark is your criteria he’s darker than me. And if handsome is your criteria then he’s Caucasian and gorgeous. Frankly this may sound gay as hell, but I am in awe everytime I talk to him. After all he’s really good looking guy who looks like a male underwear model material.

My friend told me one night him and his roommate were going out and some woman just grabbed his hand and took him to the dance floor. So this past weekend my friend and this roommate went out with him to the Lower East Side. I always thought when you are that good looking, women will throw themselves at him. After all when guys see a gorgeous woman they’ll do a double take, go up and flirt with her, buy her drinks and bend over backwards for her. But he still needs to initiate and talk with women and women may still not be interested in him.

 He told me he’d rather have friends like those I have on facebook. I tried explaining to him that most of these are pornstars. But he’s still interested in those who are not. Which are mostly women who aren’t attracted to me or ones I’m not attracted to. I am rather disappointed to say the least. I was expecting him to get every girl in the bar to go back to his place.


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  1. Grover Mannings

    Good looks will get you through your 20’s. Brains gets you through your 30’s. Wisdom carries until you die.

    This guy might be perfect 10, but that only gets him so far. After a while, random hookups with girls looking for a fling will become rather unfulfilling. In our age demographic, women want marriage material, not centerfold material. Granted, some women would love to be married to a male model. In time, however, they’ll find that he lacks substance and other qualities necessary to keep a marriage alive and/or raise a family. Constant attention from other women will annoy his wife and the other women will drag him out of his marriage because they seem much more interesting and fun.

    Ask Mr. Chippendale if he would mind changing diapers, cleaning the toilet after his wife has a diarhea attack, or giving up Saturday playtime with the guys because his child has a soccer game. I would be suprised if he would find any of these activities acceptable, let alone tolerable. After all, he’s had his way with women since puberty. Why should he expect any less then, now, or in the future?

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