The North Carolina Trip Part #4

I woke up this morning without my shorts, naked from the waist down on the cot in Felton’s parents barn.(no I didn’t dream about her) But most of this morning was spent thinking about Kati from the night before. Today we were headed to Asheville.

I wanted to take this opportunity to write about how difficult it has been for my mother to communicate with Felton’s parents, relatives and North Carolinan people in general. My mother seems to have this illusion, or as Felton put it “she doesn’t know what she has until she has to experience something else.”

So this morning Felton’s uncle took us to the Southern Pines Chinese buffet something he’s been insistent upon all week. He says he loves Chinese food…and wanted us to experience it all weekend. I wanted to take this opportunity to ….Felton’s father reminds me so much of my father when he was alive. He hated going out to eat, spending money on bad food Felton’s father calls it. He usually liked to make food at home, interacted little with relatives on my mother’s side.

I think it’s the only time this week my mother felt comfortable that there are actually Asian people in Southern Pines. Felton’s aunt of course asked me if I was attracted to the owner’s daughter, a 24 year old girl who ran the buffet . That’s because I think people assume because I’m Asian I like Asian food, Asian girls and the like. I did tell the aunt that I did meet someone last night whom I really liked and her name was Kati, a Hispanic gal. Felton says that she looks like Megan Fox.( I wouldn’t say that) But at least she’s attractive and independent which is more than I could say about the other women in my life.

We made the four hour drive to Asheville and met Felton’s mother’s friend.  But not before denting the neighbor’s car as Felton’s mother was backing out of our driveway. Felton told me that care belonged to the the Special Operations colonel whom the CIA and FBI stopped by their house to inquire about.

We drove into Asheville around 7:00pm and found Felton’s mother’s friend house which Felton’s father, mother and my mother would be staying at. Felton and I would be staying at his old college friend’s place.


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