The North Carolina Trip Part #4 The Morning After And Asheville

I woke up this morning without my shorts on in his parents guest house on a cot where we have been staying. I also spent the morning thinking about Kati and what happened last night. Felton says that he is impressed with what happened last night. He said that he thinks his friend one of which I call a male model (more on him later) and his black friend only into white women have a lot of game.

I responded with “This is the stuff that legends are made of Felton.” My personal take on this is it’s not about getting girls to go home with you but rather finding a connection.  He’s still not over the fact that all he did was buy these girls drinks and ask them if they’d go to a pool party with him. Dick almost got two girls to ask him back to their place to go swimming.  Felton is also probably going to tell all his friends.

This morning we were supposed to go with Felton’s uncle to the grand Chinese buffet. He’s been talking it up all week and assumes just because I’m Chinese I want Chinese food. At the buffet Felton’s aunt asked if I liked the owner’s daughter. I explained to her I met two great girls last night named Gabriele and Kati who were both white and Hispanic. Like most ignorant white people they seem to assume just because I’m Chinese/Vietnamese that I will like Chinese food and women. Of course Felton’s father was the only person who didn’t go.

Later that day we drove the four hours to Asheville and met up with Felton’s female friend. My mother called me Felton to interpret that she wanted to to take Felton’s mother, father and family friend out to dinner. However they weren’t too hungry and nothing except bars in Asheville were open.


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