The Road Trip to North Carolina Part #1

This weekend Felton, my mother and I are going to Southern Pines, North Carolina to meet his folks. I always make this to be a Felton’s is introducing me to his folks because we’re like a domestic partnership. But I already tried that with my mother and she says that it is pretty much impossible and our family lineage is immune from being gay. So my attempt at saying that the reason I have never brought a girl home to meet her is because I am gay has failed miserably.

The worst part of going to a New York City airport is that it always takes time. I left at 7:30pm and we barely made our 9:40 flight. Our flight includes the most attractive Southern gals I have seen. And as I was leaving the Raleigh Airport I said to Felton. The problem is all these women are white. When we pulled in the Raleigh/Durham airport, Felton’s uncle, mother and father picked us up and drove us the hour’s drive to Southern Pines. (not without the arguments between Felton’s father and his uncle.)

Felton’s father is soft spoken, bearded man about 6’2 -6’3 a towering presence even taller than Felton. I met him once in New York City when he drove some furniture for Felton to use in his Harlem apartment. He doesn’t say much and looks like one of those guys in the south who will walk toward you if you trespass on his property with a shotgun pointed at you. Felton’s uncle is a happy go lucky sort of guy who seems generally happy with life and a former Vietnam veteran as I could tell by the cap that was in the trunk when I opened it to put our luggage in.

There were snacks in the car, a sure premonition that the weight gain was going to occur as soon as we left the airport gate.


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