A Pseudo-Date With Madie Meyerowitz

Last week we had a discussion where Madie was frustrated about her job, finding a place to live and life in general. Being the good person I am I asked if Madie wanted to discuss this situation but received no response from her.

Now I don’t know if I like Madie anymore and I’m sort of satisfied with the way things are. Madie confuses me and I’m confused enough in my life. I have not narrowed it down to why I’m not crazy about her like I used to be. Perhaps it was she hooked up with one of my friends, maybe because she doesn’t ooze irresistability, maybe because she doesn’t seem like she’s that into me.

On Jun 28th Madie emailed me with the words “I could really use that drink right about now. I told her I couldn’t meet her until after 8pm because I promised I’d go to Brooks Brothers with Felton because this week is the semi-annual sale. When I met with Felton he said he wanted to go to Pizzeria Uno’s and use the $10 off coupon he had before this weekend when we leave for Georgia. So I decided to ask Madie if she’d like to meet the two of us there.

And so after Brooks Brothers I stopped home and then met Madie and Felton at the restaurant. Madie mentioned that she would be looking at a place tomorrow where they could use a third roommate. I don’t know if I’d move in, on one end it’d be a good way to leave the nest. However I don’t have a stable job and the situation might be a little awkward if I still had feelings for her.

After dinner, Felton declined to continue the evening with us, perhaps because he was actually tired but also to give Madie and I alone time. After Felton left, Madie held my arm to the wine bar. She told me she was disappointed I wanted to bring Felton because she thought it was just going to be us two. She was going to wear a dress and heels but instead went casually because we were getting pizza.

But I sometimes don’t come on strong like Mitchum deodorant because I don’t want to scare off people I like. Then the conversation turned to Madie asking me why I think the women I like didn’t like me? Which I simply answered politically with they weren’t attracted to me. Our evening turned from one about her problems to more about me. And after our wine I just walked her home

She leaned into me lifting one leg and gave me a heartfelt hug. (sound familiar, it’s requirement #15 on the Sweetest Sixteen Requirements)

What do my readers think? “What the hell were you thinking Dick you dumb idiot?” or “You played your cards exactly right.”  I will be publishing a poll this week if Madie decides to move to this place in Queens. And hopefully my readers will vote on the outcome.


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