Unprecedented Times

When I say we are living in unprecedented times; I mean it.

At the end of 2008, we had our first black president. The last two-three years we experienced the worst recession since the Great Depression. Unemployment benefits were extended from 26 weeks all the way to 99 weeks and this happened twice. Our military have fought the two longest wars in American history. Three of the ten biggest natural disasters happened in the last six years, the Haiti earthquake, Indonesia tsunami and Myanmar cyclone. There are rebellions and uprisings in throughout the Middle East in Libya, Syria, Bahrain and Egypt. The United States is so buried in debt that the value of the dollar falls and inflation has increased in America raising food prices. The Defense Department will be overhauling their pension plan, and many city and state governments are having trouble meeting their upcoming pension costs and rethinking unions and collective bargaining.

For my friends they are always paranoid about their careers and devastated when they lose their jobs. However my advice to my friends is to meet the up and down challenges head strong, embrace this change and take advantage of the situations given to us. Take for example my brother who hated his job at a major research university. He got himself fired, and now will be receiving unemployment benefits that will pay him to attend school and finish his master’s degree. My other friend who got laid off from the city is pursuing his interests in botany and taxonomic identification. They seem to be much happier and satisfied with life versus my friend, Daryl who recently quit his job amidst a storm at my workplace angering everyone. In his first day sitting in training he is already on gmail chat. His words are: “so boring.” So while Daryl is hating his job here’s another unprecedented event. It should only be fitting this event will directly make Daryl feel more like crap since he always wanted to be a Marine. For the first time in Marine Corps history, the head of basic training is a female woman.


Even in my own life I have experienced things that no other person in my parents’ generation and probably my children after me will never experience. I was two time eligible for more than 26 weeks of unemployment compensation (99 weeks and 73 weeks respectively) Just last month Mayor Bloomberg basically handed me another shot at becoming a firefighter. And hopefully next month with the support of my congressman, I will be getting my waiver to become the oldest naval aviator in the history of the Navy.


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  1. Grover Mannings

    Good post, very thoughtful. To reiterate what I’ve always said, I really don’t see you being happy in the Navy. You’ll find that you have no control over your life. When you join the Navy, they own you, no matter what your rank is.

    Some people take solace in knowing that their breakfast is at 0600 tomorrow, their workout at 1100, their daily debriefing at 1600, and finally off to bed at 2130. That’s too structured for you. I think it will make you crazy.

    Good Luck as always.

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