Why Is Dick Mean To Women?

Most women reading my blog will say I am mean to them, that I am complete asshole. I don’t deny this. However most men when they’re around other men will lump women into three categories.

Category 1: Girls They Would NOT Bang (very few women fall into this category, they are usually reserved for really close friends who they have little to no physical attraction to or grotesque women)

Category 2: Girls They Would Just Bang But Not Date (the majority of women fall into this category and they are usually women who the men finds physically attractive but lack no real substance)

Category 3: Girls They Would Date and Bang (very few girls who are physically attractive and have lots of substance) This calendar year I have met one.

Manytimes I am around women they always complain about the guys they meet and how they “just want to slide it in.” The women are confused. Why is it guys don’t want to call me the next day? Why don’t they date me? Or let me meet their friends? Will they cook me dinner, take me to a nice restaurant dinner, cuddle on the couch and watch a movie? Why is it they just want to slide it into me. The answer is simple. You are in Category 2.

When most guys say nice things to you and buy you nice things they are just doing so because they want to slide it in. I, of course tell it like it is because if I don’t then no one else will. I do this not to belittle you but to make you give serious contemplation to what you bring to the table. Many women of Dick don’t want to hear this. Nonetheless they need to ask themselves why they haven’t found that boyfriend who will hold their hand, cuddle with them on a blockbuster night. But even those who are married aren’t exactly happy. I remember one night my friend Daryl came to my apartment but had to leave immediately. One of his friends called him and said his older sister ran away from home after her husband beat her. (yes the husband is Asian which perpetuates the stereotype that those men beat their wives) This person asked if Daryl could drive him around to see if they could find her. She was also pregnant with his second child.

It always alluded me why if she was in this abusive marriage she bore his first child, nevertheless a second. However I doubt this woman can leave her husband because she now has two children. Is she able to divorce him and support the two children herself? My mother told me after my father died that she didn’t leave him because she did it for my brother and I. She admitted that she’d be unable to support herself and us if she had left him. It’s something to contemplate, an awfully unbearable situation but something like this still exists.

And if you think I’m mean read what my navy recruiter has to say about people who can’t pass the basic physical fitness test for Navy. http://nyusn.blogspot.com/2011/06/ocs-prt.html


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