Daryl White Gets Assaulted By A Girl….For Being Daryl…

Every time a girl punches a guy in the face most guys think the girl is crazy. But I am dedicating this entry to Laquisha for punching Daryl White in face and giving him a bloody lip. As of Wednesday I still see the identation on his lip. Here is some background information. Laquisha and Daryl were high school sweethearts about ten years ago. I actually don’t know how Daryl gets a girl like that because he’s a troll. And Laquisha is about an 8.0/10.0. But moving on. Recently Laquisha has returned home to New York after spending a good number of years in Idaho where she lived with an enlisted Army guy and had an allowance. After that she dumped him for a really good looking guy.  (And trust me this guy is really good looking.) She is anxiously awaiting for this guy to find a job in New York, so they can move in together, make babies and live happily ever after.

However Laquisha has come home to find out Daryl and Kenyetta are hanging out all the time. Daryl has denied he has had sexual relations with Kenyetta but Laquisha refuses to believe it.

We should subject Daryl to the lie detector like they do on Maury. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBIJKmcsGQE

Even guys who don’t have an AZN fetish want to “slide it into” Kenyetta. There was only be one recorded instance in the history of mankind where a guy refused to “slide it into” Kenyetta. Hardly I don’t believe Daryl is going to be a second instance.

But since this forum is about presenting the truth. And my opinion is just one person I think it’s time for a poll.



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3 responses to “Daryl White Gets Assaulted By A Girl….For Being Daryl…

  1. Rachael

    Why is every entry about daryl? is dick dare i say gay?

    • This is a forum to address my life so I take Rachael’s comment constructively. There was a time growing up where I thought I was gay. When I was in high school I watched this Bon Jovi’s This Ain’t A Love Song and loved it. I watched this video over and over admittingly to stare at Jon Bon Jovi’s hairy chest. I tried and tried to pleasure myself to him, but sadly I couldn’t get a hard on.

      However one of the women of the original Dickwatch (circa 2003-2004) said I would be so much better if I was gay. She said was going to wait around until I came out of the closet. I told her I was going to come out of the closet any day now. If it makes you feel better Rachael that I say it. I am gay.

      I think most of the women of Dick know the truth they just have to tell it. Do any readers have any input?

      • Grover Mannings

        I would say Dick is not gay, just extremely “choosy” about the women is attracted to. If you’re not a 9 or 10, get out of the way, because the Dick train isn’t stopping…:)

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