The Season Finale of Dickwatch 2: Jersey Shore

Dear Journal:

This weekend was supposed to be the long awaited trip to the Jersey Shore Warner Ferdin and Luigi Costellowo. Luigi owns a beachhouse in a city on the Jersey Shore which has seven bedrooms and ten beds that sleeps over twenty people.

I haven’t spoken to Daryl in a while because frankly I don’t want him asking if I signed the offer, when I am starting, his expectations of me and the like. But when Warner called him he said he was bringing up to five people including himself. Since Luigi is bringing his girlfriend, and Warner his and there was a possibility that Felton was bringing a girl he was seeing and one of his friends I decided against asking additional people.

But as usual Daryl backed out at the last minute, leaving a slew of empty beds. It crossed my mind to invite Madie Meyerowitz (but knowing my chivalry I would also be obligated to invite her boyfriend). Felton cancelled for him and his girl after the girl he was seeing had to work on Saturday till 4pm.

I spent a majority of the weekend myself, we didn’t go out since the couples stayed in and cuddled, took a walk on boardwalk, gazed at the stars. The only time we spent together was dinner, prep and cleanup.

Over the weekend I logged in every chance I got to my blackboard account to check my grade and during the afternoon on Saturday while the couples were at the boardwalk and the beach. Sometime around 2:00pm my grade showed.


Overall it was a relaxing weekend, perhaps the last one I get to sleep in late because come Monday I’ll be working at a startup that writes software for the finance industry. It promises to be a job of an epic undertaking for someone who has zero experience in finance, IT, engineering and programming. I promised myself that this would be the last bet I take from Daryl White, the last time I’ll do something I won’t enjoy or don’t see myself doing.

On the season finale of Dick’s drama filled life Dick won his bet against Daryl, our favorite six figure finance guy. However if anyone asks him, he’ll say there was never any bet. But Dick won far and square. Dick also landed accepted a job at this Daryl’s company for a salary figure well below six figures.

On Memorial Day weekend Dick wrote his congressman again and but judging by his naval recruiter’s blog there will be an August general officer board.


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