Summer Starts June 02 in Accounting Class

Last semester, every Saturday I wondered what the heck I was doing going to class I had no interest in at 9:30am. Not only did I not enjoy waking up to stumble into class, every time I walk into an accounting class everybody is either Asian or Russian and the girls are all timid, petite women. When I raised this concern to my former accounting professor she recommended that I quit the practice of accounting if I didn’t enjoy it. Her experience comes from being in her seventies and raising three children. One of which is a renowned graphic designer who left the business after 35 years to be a restaurateur. But after realizing I was almost ready to sit for the Certified Public Accountancy (CPA) examination she said I should just finish the course requirements and get certified. If I can’t find work in anything else at least there will always be a backup plan.

This summer the college is offering Intermediate Accounting 2 (the hardest course in the accounting major) over eleven weeks over the summer. This is a departure from other summer courses which are usually crammed into Summer Session 1 six weeks or Summer Session 2 five weeks. The only worse part is that the class starts at 8am.

In addition the visiting professor is offering 10% class participation, 15% homework, pop quizzes that will add up to ten points to your exam if you can get it right but no deduct points, and three exams for 25% each. However, I was sitting in class today and looking around I realized that this summer’s class is a complete turnaround not because 25% of your grade is basically a given but there are two Indian and one southeastern Asian girl, combined they make three of the HOTTEST AZN girls I have ever seen in any accounting class. If I even state this publicly and knowing what is my interpretation of attractive is; my readers will start their tongue wagging, drooling and pitching a tent. One of these girls, acquainted with me because I sat in Intermediate Accounting 2 last semester for fun and has talked to me several times. After today’s class she started talking to me about how she earned a D last semester and must retake this. One of my classmates who studied with me said that she was in her economics class and everyone including himself is mesmerized by her body. I must admit I was sort of thinking about her during class and the other two Indian women. She is the type of girl whose completely different from the petite, timid, submissive girls we all know and love.

You will never hear me say this. But I really want to take this class. There is only one problem. I accepted a job offer to start at Daryl’s company next week and I don’t feel comfortable asking if I can come in at 10:30am two days a week.


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One response to “Summer Starts June 02 in Accounting Class

  1. Haywood

    Dick, congrats on the job and the CPA to come. Best, Haywood

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