Dick’s Brother Concussion

On Sunday, Dick ran up to West 110 Street and Morningside Drive to attend the the seventh annual softball BBQ.

According to what my friends explained to me, my brother was playing left field and ran backwards and caught an outfield fly ball. He caught this ball making the last out of the game, however he tripped over his foot and fell backwards pretty hard. After momentarily sitting up on the field he poured water on himself and walked back the grass slope and sat himself down. I showed up later, not knowing what had happened, but my brother seemed to have no recollection of the incident or how he ended up sitting down.

After some coaxing, me and a friend of his walked him to St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital where he vomited some more on the way. When he reached the hospital emergency room my brother seemed normal from the onset except his short term memory was shot. My brother kept asking for this girl who was a doctor who used to work there and the attending ER doctor reminded him several times she doesn’t work there anymore.

I sought this as the perfect opportunity for Kenyetta and her sister to help my brother out. Instead Kenyetta’s sister proceeds to ask questions and accused me of joking around, providing excuses as to why she couldn’t go to West Harlem on a moment’s notice. I said to her “this person is very important to you and me.” And she says that she thinks I’m joking. I was infuriated.

My next door neighbor did come to the emergency room to see my brother and I. As did his two good friends one of which was an astheologist, the other a financial analyst at my brother’s previous job. They even put their dinner plans on hold to see my brother.

My brother doesn’t remember much of what happened that day, except he will be out of softball for at least a week. As for the soup it never came. For the record, Kenyetta and her sister refused to bring Dick’s brother soup while he was laying in the emergency room. For those men who read this and are considering this duo to be the hottest AZN girls, or as Daryl would say “a good girl who deserves a chance”. Their chance was given on a sunny, hot Sunday Memorial Day weekend.


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One response to “Dick’s Brother Concussion

  1. Grover Mannings


    Sorry to hear your brother had a concussion. That’s a serious, life threatening injury, especially if he got behind the wheel of a car or was left alone without supervision from others. You guys did the right thing by bringing him to the ER right away.

    Time to give the AZN dyanamic duo the heave-ho. They sound useless and very narcissistic.


    Grover Mannings

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