What Women Want Part 1

Last Saturday Felton and I were invited to a birthday party. Usually birthday parties consists of a sausagefest of men (because my male friends don’t have female friends and I of course don’t want to be around any of the females they do have) However this one was different because there were about fourteen females. The problem with these women is one Asian girl will not date Asian guys. The other likes Felton. Later that night, Felton and his friend and I went to the Lower East Side where we met up with two white women. Word has it that Felton’s friend is only into white women. I see several flaws in the women he picks. This person is black but has a fetish for white women, significantly lowering his chances of finding someone. According to wikipedia 4.6% of all married Blacks in the United States were wed to a White partner, and 0.4% of all Whites were married to a Black partner. Chances are if he likes a white woman it’s probably because she’s white and chances are if she likes him it’s probably because she has a black fetish.

On Saturday night, I met Daryl’s female friend an Asian girl who likes them BBB.(big, black and bald) Most of these women are single and sometimes I think that women have these preconceived notions of what they are attracted to.

I think every woman finds it refreshing when they find a guy that doesn’t want to “slide it in.” For this very reason every girl wants to have that gay guy who they get a manicure or pedicure with. But when they have someone they like and want to have it slide in it’s difficult because.


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