A Double Dose of the Women of Dick

Usually my entries about women disgust people but since this post contains positive comments about two women I am attracted to I decided to post real names.I was supposed to meet Felton today at the gym after class but on my way out of school I passed someone on the third floor bridge.

I first met this girl a few years ago at a GreenDrinks event and then again at the PlanNYC meeting (Mayor Bloomberg’s plan for a greater, greener NY) in downtown Manhattan at a community college.

She is mentioned in this article by a food blogger:


The first is Mandi, a 5 foot 9 inch, slender, graceful, willowy, blond-haired former model turned college student. She wears no makeup but is simply and naturally stunning. With peaches & cream skin and strawberry lips – she’s as delightful as the ice cream she will be serving later today. Trust me – if you see Mandi in the window of the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck, you would definitely want to buy a scoop from her. Maybe even two. Even in the cold.

Her longtime boyfriend was a soap opera star on As the World Turns and currently on the cast for the prime television show Vampire Diaries. http://platzer-twinimages.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/As-The-World-Turns-50th-Anniv-Party-March-23-2006/G0000nu4.ktQeSQA/I00009mrB.kgjGac/P0000_P4P0VHg7Bs

After my conversation, I walked down to the subway and on the second floor saw a Latina girl who worked at the Census last summer with me. What is unique about this girl is that she has one arm. I’d like to joke around and say there is nothing hotter than watching a girl use only one arm to do something usually requiring two hands. My readers will probably be surprised to hear that I am attracted to a girl who has one arm, but she’s HOT. So that is your double dose of the women of Dick for today.


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