The Twenty-Sixth Week of Unemployment

Just a quick update:

The Gentleman’s Bet on Dick:
I received an 88/100 (raw score) on the second accounting test. She also added 5 points to everyone’s grade. In programming I received a 100 on the last programming assignment and this brings my grade up to a 88.88/100 raw score, the average is 68.1 and the median is 78.1. It seems like Daryl may be losing this bet to Dick.

The Employment Situation of Dick:
Drastic circumstances may call for drastic measures and this week you will see the first few posts.

The Men of Dick:
For the men of Dick,summer began April 29th. Daryl went on a date with a girl he met at the gym and saw Fast Five. On Friday one of my readers not only banged a girl, he then went on two different dates on Saturday and Sunday with two different girls.

The Women of Dick:
Madie Meyerowitz will be moving in with her boyfriend in the fall. I saw her for the first time at the dog park last Thursday where she ran up and kissed me.


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