One of Navy SEALs Who Killed bin Laden

I want to dedicate this entry to Manual Atengco. Manual is a friend of a regular cast member and a Navy SEAL. As always I am not to mention any actual names of people especially with such a matter. (The worst thing is some Department of Defense official will call me up and say my blog threatens national security)

Last Halloween Manual, (October 2010) had sex in one of Dick’s friend’s bathroom with another cast member. Although he is supposed to be a silent warrior he was not covert about it since everybody at the party knew about it and the next day someone even found the used condom left behind.

I know that he is not allowed to speak to details about his direct action or reconaissance missions but I just wanted to ask him about his experiences in the military. I don’t think I could ever be a SEAL (as I could never use rapid fire weapons and directly kill people) But it is just amazing how they like stay up for five days and nights. I tried it last fall and was able to only function for 32 hours. One of my cast members provided me his phone number and after a long piece of classical Mozart music he answered the phone. When we spoke he said he is not in the Navy.

After he stopped talking with me I did some research on him and found that his enlisted rating is that of yeoman. A yeoman is someone who performs administrative and secretarial work. He could of course just be lying however then again he could still be a SEAL. For example in the movie Underseige, Steven Seagal is a cook aboard a Navy destroyer. The background is that Seagal is an ex-SEAL whose entire platoon was killed in Panama and he took the enlisted rating of that of a yeoman, meaning he could only be a cook. Of course this cook kills all terrorists with kitchen knives and homemade bombs made from glass jars and bleach.

Since Manual is based out of Virginia Beach, records show his enlisted rating as that of a yeoman and his secretiveness and to mention he’s disappeared for the last few months. I’m pretty sure this guy is part of the elite SEAL Team Six.

I included some pictures so we can get a sense of his athletic ability. He can bench press 90 pounds with his neck and loves to play dress up at Express Men. Manual came home yesterday from this very important mission.
and today he is meeting President Obama.

I just wanted to commend Manual for his bravery and for protecting our nation’s security. For the sacrifices and the dangerous missions he performs he should be able to bend any Asian girl over the bathroom sink. Doesn’t this give everyone a hard on? It’s giving me one. Anyways back to something that doesn’t give me one. Programming!

Manual Atengco's Halloween costume



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