So They Killed Osama bin Laden

On Sunday night one of my readers called me up and told me to check the news, they killed Osama bin Laden. I don’t know how credible this is, considering these statements by the intelligence community:

* they couldn’t find him for ten years but until conveniently before the tenth anniversary of the September 11th

* he was hiding in a remote mountainous region between the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan when in fact he was holed up in a mansion located 35 miles near the capital city.

* he would die because of a dire need of kidney dialysis when in face he was alive and well

* intelligence reports said they were going to bury him at sea  because we don’t want his grave to be a shrine (translation for let’s get rid of evidence and any doubt if it was not him)

(let us not forget my own experience I was ineligible to serve in the military because I had a permanent ban, processed an application and said I was rejected, who later changed their story after my congressman wrote the Congressional Inquirieis Branch of the Office of the Inspector General that said my application had a mistake and was going into an April board,and now that board is in August. If our military can not even handle one application what makes you think they could handle looking for a most wanted terrorist)

 Is bin Laden in hell? Once bin Laden has passed on from this world that judegment will be passed on. However if there is not a hell, bin Laden met the same fate as those who died innocently on September 11th when the planes hit the twin towers. He died probably a less painful death then someone who remained trapped in the burning building faced with the imminent reality that they would be burned alive or tons of steel would come crushing down on them. To say bin Laden is in hell is speculation. He could simply gotten away painlessly with bringing so much pain to so many families.However what if the notion of heaven and hell is simply a principle engrained to believe since we, most Americans are raised are engrained to believe.

For those who don’t rely on spectulation capturing him alive would have been a better option. I would of captured him alive and given him a cruel and unusual punishment. When the euphoria from his death and thousand of Americans reveling in front of the White House and Ground Zero dies down we are going to realize. His death does not change the fact that we all know someone who died in the terrorist attacks on 9/11 or in Iraq or Afghanistan. We can not reverse the losses of those families. What may be worse is that may find we are going to be fighting retaliation on all fronts from his supporters. 

A prime example of this is how after toppling the Iraqi regime and Saddam Hussein’s death, how many more American troops died in Iraq, was any one person that important that he had to be killed. And was that one person worth the thousands of american troops who died in retaliation. The reality is no one person is that important. After losing thousands of troops in Iraq we shifted to a counterinsurgency policy where we befriended Iraqi warlords, this reduced both our troop casualities and the pain of an unpopular the war was.

The difference between his jihadists and us is that we value life and mourn if we lose a loved one from this world. The jihadists value death. If they die in their holy war against Westerners then they will be rewarded. We are fighting a war against a radicial ideology, where our enemies have nothing to lose and are not afraid to die. Surely we can’t win if we have something to lose and they are not afraid to die. Perhaps it is time we look at diplomacy and how we treat the Arab world.


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