Summer Begins April 29th

According to the new subway ad for the new movie Fast Five summer starts tomorrow. This mean a lot of things.

* Tomorrow my the last required programming assignment is due for computer science. The next assignment is optional and will be either extra credit. I walked into a class of 14 people and realized that I didn’t think I’d make it this far.

* Daryl is still fat and working god awful hours. On Tuesday night Daryl worked past midnight into Wednesday morning till about 5:42am. Can any of my readers explain the phenomenon of tolerance of pain? He certainly he can tolerate alot

* Kenyetta’s sister, Lakisha Perlmutter and I are still unemployed. Kenyetta apparently found Lakisha a full time job paying $30K, but she declined it and said she’ll wait until her boyfriend finds a job, moves from California, finds a place in New York so she can move in with him.

A little background information about them; they’re a group of sisters. Kenyetta has tried to set me up on a date with all of them. They had one sister who recently came to the states and not even a few months later, moved in with a guy she met who pays for everything. Daryl says that Kenyetta is trying to fight the gene..and I applaude her for that but the road is long and arduous, and if the battle is anything like Daryl’s battle of the bulge it’s a losing battle.

The lesson learned here is that we all have a gene, but Daryl says the difference between him and the rest of his family is that he trys to fight the fat gene by running and going the gym whenever he finds time. Kenyetta tries to fight the mooch gene. And perhaps maybe I should fight the cocky gene.


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