Easter Weekend Softball, Daryl’s Coworker and Mom’s Baptism

On Good Friday I played softball for the first time in over three years, not too bad. I got to play infield for the first time in over five years and that’s a good thing because over the years my eyesight has been deterioating and especially when it begins to get dark it gets harder for me to see the ball.

I played third base and fumbled a few ground balls and at my second at bat I crushed a ball into the dugout of the next field in Prospect Park (at least 300 feet) Afterwards I stayed out with Felton and the rest of the group. It felt good to have a few beers and eat unhealthy food. One of the guys (actually two) said that they were thoroughly surprised at actually how good I am. (shocked…maybe they thought GIS and being a Dick were my only skills)

Afterwards I dragged myself to Daryl’s project manager’s birthday party in Williamsburg. Last week at work one of the senior guys, GUY Hilde told Daryl White and I that he spoke with the VP of Operations about me. Guy told him that Dick was coming in almost every night to learn about their company and that they should just hire me. Tonight Daryl’s project manager asked me if I’d like a job there he can make it happen. I said we should have a private convo when he’s sober and he asked me to remind Daryl to put me on the calendar.

On Easter Sunday my mother officially converted to Chrisitianity by being baptized. She asked if me, my brother and my friends would go. I declined to go because I think she’s doing this because the congregation has her convinced that the sooner she converts to Christianity the sooner I’ll have a job, a girlfriend or wife and children. We’ll see how quickly this happens.


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  1. Daryl White

    Well ur getting a job so it looks like its working.

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