Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

I have an acquaintance whom we will call JAROD Garala who is getting married soon. I don’t know too much about the bride except in my opinion she’s grotesque (I’d give her a 3/10 that’s better than what one of my friends gave her which was a 1/10) Perhaps if she was nice, altruistic, with a great personality to boot then I’d have a higher opinion of her and we probably would not be having this entry. But what I hear through one of his friends isn’t positive. Sometimes she is demanding, possessive, gets into fights with her fiance and is very controlling in the relationship. For example one time Jarod was whispering in the locked bathroom because he was afraid his then girlfriend would hear him talking to one of his friends.

Sometime last year at a get together before my brother and Felton went to India and Ghana, Jarod told me he was getting married and I asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this. I don’t remember what he answered but speaking with his two close friends yielded the same response. “Every pot has its lid” they said. And yet none of his friends object. They said they won’t say anything because Jarod was old enough to decide for himself and Jarod and her have been together for so long. And they reiterated that it is not my place to speak about this.

In order to provide my readers more information the groom is an Asian man marrying a white woman. This groom has never dated anyone else his entire life. Not surprising, Asian men have a low dating quotient, meaning not a lot of women want to date Asian men. And he’s very shy so it’s not like women magically come up to him (like they do me) So I could see the argument they have because if for god’s sake it could be worse, they could end up like me and be a 30 1/2 year old virgin whose basically never dated anyone.

What frustrates me is that Asian men excel at everything and work hard even at things they are not good at: academics, playing the violin, their careers everything except love and women. Maybe he’s trying to make his parents happy because heck I’d make my mother very happy if I married someone (not black of course) and cranked out some children. But all this to make his parents happy just to be miserable.

If he would just try, try to meet women maybe, just maybe he might find someone who meets the Dick sweetest sixteen requirements. When I asked one of his friends RUDOLF Bonjorno when the wedding was he said it was this summer. Rudolf, whom many people think is his Jarod’s best friend isn’t even the best man. Jarod’s fiance asked it be someone on her side of the family. Being the only person that objects to his holy matrimony I am glad I wasn’t invited to this wedding.I asked my friend if he would say anything tonight when he had his sleepover with him. He said he was not going to say anything. 

Perhaps that how human beings like us are. Let our friends make mistakes such as these when we should be there to provide support and constructive criticism. I think back to the day when I started a fight against a group of black and hispanic guys. (this isn’t as serious as that) I wondered why no one did anything, it was because everyone was comfortable in their own little bubble. But then again I shouldn’t be one to speak. One day ten years from now when I’m 40, lonely, and single I’m going to realize that perhaps I should of settled for someone, anyone.

I leave you with a quote of Martin Luther King Jr.: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”


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  1. Grover Mannings

    My guess is Jarod, the grom-to-be, has lived a very structured life, perhaps guided in part by an over-bearing mother. As he has grown older, and has begun to strike out on his own, he probably feels a bit lost without someone telling him what to do all the time.

    This pushy woman (regardless of appearance) fills that void by creating a highly demanding, possessive relationship that doesn’t speak to Jarod’s true needs as a young man.

    I would encourage him to take a break from this relationship and challenge himself to do something completely different than getting up, working, coming home, getting reamed out, and the repeating the cycle the next day.

    Kick this girl to the curb and do something new, where he will – for once in his life – learn to create a structured, validating environment that he truly finds enjoyable, free of influence from family and friends that may or may not have his best interests at heart.

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