Random Quotes from the Men & Women of Dickwatch

Overheard at Daryl’s workplace yesterday when I showed up after 6pm as I usually do to be trained by Daryl:

“Daryl is not here, he said he had a cockroach problem and had to go home immediately.”

A conversation between me and Kenyetta about how Felton and I were volunteering for the Department of Homeless Services annual homeless count this past January:

Kenyetta: where is the counting takin place
Dick: you have to register ask Felton
Dick: otherwise just be a decoy and I’ll count u
Kenyetta: ok
Dick: Our site is at Beaver Street
Kenyetta: that is way outta my bubble just to be counted as homeless
Dick: huh?
Dick: I don’t know if there is a site closer to you
Kenyetta: i can’t i have class tmrw
Dick: https://a071-hope.nyc.gov/hope/welcome.aspx
You have class tomorrow? at 10:30pm-3:00am in the morning? What is it? SEX 403 Seminar in Turning Tricks Whose the professor? LMAO

And my friends say they can’t take me seriously…I mean seriously…..


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