A Rumor Grows at the Dog Park

Now that spring is here daffodils and hair balls aren’t the only things growing at the dog park. According to my mother rumors at the dog park are growing that I am gay.

Since many Asian women have seen me at the dog park and my mother tells them I am single they’ve been giving pictures to my mother of their nieces. My mother actually brings these pictures home and asks me if I am interested?

My aunt who has been in disagreement with my mother has said time and time again. Dick you are under no circumstances find anybody overseas or anyone here who does not have a green card. Only losers who can’t find women here have to resort to that. Of course all these pictures of women she brings home are living overseas or students on visas who don’t have green cards.

P.S. Now that spring is in full swing perhaps I can find that other gal at the dog park. The one I call the match.com $100K gal. More on her later!!


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