The Most Difficult Job

Usually most of my entries on insult people and degrade people. However in the last few days I have recognized how much pain Daryl White goes through. He works the hours of a guy in finance,without the ridiculous six figures bonus and supermodel women.

Although most of my friends will say they want a six figure salary, or how they want to be close to that. The truth is I do not think anyone can do Daryl’s job and that includes myself.

His job is so difficult I can not even begin to explain what the heck he does. In most jobs if you trained someone properly they would be able to do the job. For example, when I was a GIS intern we did geographic analysis, granted you needed to be a PhD or Master’s candidate in geographic analysis to land a job there. But the truth is if I trained you to do it you would be able to be competent. One of my friends evaluates traffic signage and determines the installation of traffic signs; another does statistical programming. But those can be learned through proper training even if you had no experience.

I think Daryl’s job is beyond anything I have seen. I briefly spoke to my computer science professor about Daryl’s job and he says it is a difficult job. You have to be an extremely good problem solver and know where to look for the problems, you don’t have to have great programming skills but you’ll know whether you’re good at it or not quickly.Otherwise you can spend hours and days spinning your wheels.

The fact that last week two coworkers quit, just this week one got fired and next week someone is quitting (and his office is less than twenty employees) shows you just how difficult the job is. I have to hand it to you Daryl, I don’t know anyone whose able to work twelve-hour days and then go run eight miles.

I’ll think he’ll be happy to know according the a poster I saw in the subway Summer Starts April 29th, the fifth sequel to Fast and Furious series is coming out called Fast Five. Hopefully Daryl will look good before then!I sure hope so because he says this summer he’s meeting his wifey. I’d like him to explain to me how that is going to happen if he never leaves work.


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