NYCHA Chairman John Rhea Says It Is Okay To Take a Dump or Urinate in the Stairwell

WARNING: Due to the purpose of this article the following post contain real names.

For a long time NYCHA, the New York City Housing Authority which provides public housing to over a half-million city residents has been plagued by crime, lack of safety and filth. The largest public housing authority in North America also is running out of money and federal funding has been cut over the years. At 6:00pm tonight at the Rutgers Community Center there was a meeting of top NYCHA brass, city council members and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. Chairman Rhea spoke about a new pilot program called layered access where there were be scan cards to access buildings and possibly closed circuit television. Although I applaud their efforts to tighten security when the open forum came I had to get up and speak. My speech went as follows:

Chairman Rhea, you went to an undergraduate comparable to mine and you went to a business school I could only dream of going. But as a business person you should know people are motivate by incentives or deterrents. Although I applaud your new layered access program what measures are there going to be put into place if someone gets past the security. (applause) For example are there going to be fines slapped on vandalism of the door, urinating in the stairwell?

According to the chairman, HUD has a law against fining tenants who live in public housing. I threw my arms into the air and shouted that’s ridiculous. And he said “I said the same thing, but HUD says that what tenants pay can not exceed 30% of their income.”


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