The Men and Women of


Daryl White works in finance programming and makes close to six figures. This semester Dick has a bet with him. Dick is taking programming and accounting at the same time in the hopes of proving to Daryl that Dick is equally as qualified to do his job. The average grade of the class is F. Daryl is the cast member who has dated the most gorgeous women including future heir to the WalMart fortune. Interests of Daryl include staying fit, AZN women, pho (AZN rice noodle soup) without the rice noodles, salad.

FELTON Donning

Felton is a supervisor at a city agency where there is a lot of sass. This would be a different story if Felton could throw the sass back but he is intimidated by ghettoness and sass, a white boy running scared.

JEWELL Inbody A girl with a curvy booty so big, it would violate the gross tonnage allowed on the highways according to the federal DOT. Always attracted to black men with swagger, there has only been one recorded instance in known history where she has liked someone who was not black.

Kenyetta Corren A skinny Asian girl with big boobs whom Dick’s psychic correctly he would meet between the months of January-March of 2007. Her favorite sayings include “getting her drink on” and “meh”. There has never been a recorded instance in history of a guy who has not tried to slide it in.

MANUAL Atengco
A Navy SEAL who had sex in one of Dick’s friend’s bathroom with another cast member. He can bench press 90 pounds with his neck and loves to play dress up at Express Men. Can be heard saying he wants to bend over AZN girls over the bathroom sink. Dick aspires to be him.

Shonna Berchielli
An ultra-marathon runner, heir to the largest real estate foreclosure fortune. Dick’s mom thinks Dick is banging her also as she is viewed as an uber attractive black woman. Dick claims she is his adopted sister that was found in a garbage can.


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  1. Daryl White

    WTF what happened to Daryl

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